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Welcome to Siberia Racing's Tech Pages.  
Links from this page will connect you to articles on the following:  

Controllers - Variable Controllers, Getting the Most out of Parma's Sebring or Turbo Controller

Controllers - Siberia Racing's M-Magic Electronic Controller

Controllers:  - HO Controller History - From 1960 to Tomorrow

Power Supplies - Connecting Multiple Power Supplies and/or Capacitators to a Track.

Wiring - LED Headlights - Realistic Headlights for HO Night Racing

Wiring - Illuminating the Light Bridge

Wiring - Track Wiring Performance Standards

Wiring - Blown Fuse / Tripped Breaker Alarm

Wiring - Batteries and Regulated Power Supplies

Wiring - Controller Stations

Wiring - Overcurrent Protection , Protecting Your Investmen

Wiring - The Weak Link, Track Rail Interface

Wiring - Interlocking Track Call Pushbuttons to Prevent False Restarts

Setup - Reverse Engineering HO Style 

Setup - Maxtrax & Thunder-Jets

Setup - Rail TLC and Corrosion Protection 

Setup - Maxtrax Assembly Tips

Setup - RTHO T-Jet Gears

Setup - Don Bourne Identities Tire Review

Setup - Viper Scale Racing "V1" Chassis Review

Testing - Testing the Lap Counter

Testing  - Voltage Drop Testing

Track Design, Construction and Testing - The Building of Magic Raceway

Track Choices - Plastic, Sectional or Routed 

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