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Siberia Racing Presents The
M-Magic Electronic Controller

Years of development and decades of experience have gone into the design of this controller.  The M-Magic is lightweight, self contained  and offers a very wide range of adjustability.  It is suitable for use with any HO car from T-Jets to Fray Style Cars, G-Jets, Stock, Superstock, Modified and R.O. (a.k.a. Polymer Magnet) cars.  


1.   Easy to Use, Low Maintenance, Wiperless Design

2.   Adjustable Coast & Brake with Overcurrent Protection

3.   Power On Polarity Correct LED

4.   Adjustable Sensitivity (Can accommodate T-Jets, 12V Cars and Modified “Magnet” Cars)

5.   Self Contained (All Components are Located in the Handle Assembly)

6.   20 Amp Rated Power Transistor (40 A Peak) with 3 in2 Heat Sink and Fuse Protection

7.   Tri-Power Choke switch With Adjustable Maximum Transistor Output and Traction Control

8.    Lightweight (330 g / 0.75 Lbs)

9.    Can be used with either two or three wire driver’s stations

10.  Available in both Right and Left hand versions

The M-Magic controller has gone through several major iterations.  The following photo shows left handed and right handed version of the first generation M-Magic controllers. Note that these controllers do not have a dual range sensitivity switch.  This switch was added in 2006 to accommodate 12V cars such as the BSRT G-Jet. 


Two First Generation M-Magic Controllers


The final version of the first generation M-Magic controller featured an additional switch buried in the controller's handle and a third dial.  It was known in house as the M-Magic "A-Spec" controller. The owners manual for the final version of the "A-Spec" controller is linked to this page.  The owners manual provides a complete description of the controllers features.  The following photo shows my personal "A-Spec" controller.  The production versions of this controller uses a clear handle and the same knobs as the controllers shown in the previous picture.  As my controller doubles as a Research and Development platform it may be a bit different than production versions..  The number of first generation M-Magic and M-Magic "A-Spec" controllers is undocumented.  A history of the controller's development can be found on the HO Controller History page.


The Writers Personal "A-Spec" M-Magic Controller Showing the TPC Switch and Third Dial


In 2015 the the "A-Spec" was replaced by the second generation M-Magic "S" controller.  This version of the controller removes the dual polarity switch as it is no longer required.  In 2005 tracks were wired every which way and you needed a controller that could accommodate both positive and negative different polarity tracks.  This is not the case today.  The switch removal removed unwanted weight and reduces power losses within the controller.  Reducing internal losses allows more power to flow through the controller from the power supply to the car.  The owners manual for the M-Magic "S" controller is linked to this page.  The owners manual provides a complete description of the controllers features.  The following photo shows the prototype  M-Magic "S" controller which used a two piece fiberglass frame.  The production M-Magic "S" controllers use a single piece fiberglass frame and a clear controller handle.  The production version of this controller also uses knobs similar to those shown in the first photo.  The difference is that the original knobs used a blue insert.  The knobs insert is now red.


The Prototype Second Generation M-Magic "S" Controller


In the spring of 2018 I started research into upgrading the M-Magic "S" trigger pot.  The original trigger pot is a continuous rotation design and is difficult to calibrate as it does not have defined stops.  It is also difficult to re-calibrate should either the pot turn with respect to the frame or the trigger shaft rotate with respect to the pot shaft.  I shipped the prototype single-turn trigger pot controller to Peter Lentros at LenJet raceway to evaluate and to loan out to others to try as I wanted to get as many miles on the controller as possible in a short period of time.  The prototype can be recognized by the difference in trigger pot and the use of white instead of  copper colored hookup wires.  Many racers tried the prototype at the 2018 HOPRA Nationals.  The prototype was very well liked and feedback received was rolled into the final design.  When I delivered "The Bear" to LenJet raceway in the summer of 2018 I tested the prototype controller on "The Bear" and on Modelville Hobbies' Aristocrat 1/24th scale track with a current generation retro in-line motor sports car. On "The Bear" the controller was perfect and I was able to lower my personal lap record.  During the one hour test session on the Aristocrat the controller did a fine job and I was able to get down to very competitive times.  The sensitivity and brake circuits were not optimum for a 1/24th car but I was able to make it work and the controller was more than up to the job.  Even with the higher current draw of the 1/24th car heat was never an issue.  

The production version of the single-turn trigger pot controller will use a variant of the original pot as it is more durable.  The prototype's single turn pot had a smaller physical footprint but was rated for only 10,000 cycles.  Both the original and the new single-turn trigger pot are rated for 10,000,000 cycles.  The increase in trigger pot life is worth the extra cost and slightly increased size of the trigger pot.

The revised single turn trigger pot allows the trigger to be easily field calibrated by the user.  The owners manual for the single turn pot controller can be found here.  A link to a video of a recalibration can be found at the bottom of this page.  

Sorry but I won't replace the trigger pot on existing controllers with the new single turn pot unless the controller fails and cannot be recalibrated.  So far only one trigger pot has been replaced as it was damaged such that replacement was the only option.  The new trigger pot is being introduced in a run of controllers that was started in the summer of 2018.  Future controller builds will be announced on the Planet of Speed and Slot Car Illustrated boards..  

All versions of the M-Magic controller are suitable for use on either two or three wire tracks. The brake wire is only required for the brake function.  The brake wire is not required for controller operation.  The controller features adjustable sensitivity with adjustable coast or brake and linear performance.  The owners manual for each version of the controller includes more details on the controllers features such as the multifunction polarity correct LED and complete overcurrent protection.  The operating range and the voltage output of the M-Magic when connected to a track powered from 18 VDC is shown below.  The solid lines show the controllers voltage output  with the sensitivity dial set in the minimum and maximum positions.  Placing the sensitivity dial in an intermediate position will result in straight line (linear) performance between the two lines as shown by the dashed line. The M-Magic works equally well on 20V, 18V and 12V DC.  

The M-Magic is rugged and durable.  I recently had the first M-Magic made in house as the new owner wanted it checked and updated.  All it really needed was a cleaning.  The update was icing on the cake.  When it left it looked and worked as well as when it was built.


Unlike some other HO controllers, the M-Magic controller, including the current M-Magic "S" design, is a robust bespoke design.  The controller is built to order, not mass produced and is available in limited quantities.  An announcement will be made on the Planet of Speed and on the Slot Car Illustrated HO Forums regarding any future controller builds.  Controller orders will only be taken once a build has been announced.  It should be noted that, due to availability and personal preference, the handles and the knobs on my personal controllers are different than those installed on production controllers.  

I have not kept records of how many races and championships the M-Magic controllers have won since 2005.  My personal win tally is impressive since I switched from my Ruddock DR-40 to the M-Magic controller.  You may know that a single M-Magic "S" controller won the 2018 Individual Fray Main, the 2018 Vintage T-Jet HOPRA National Championship Main and finished second in the 2018 Quarrel Individual Main.  It could have easily been three out of three.  However, as the song says, two out of three ain't bad.


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The First Generation M-Magic Controller Operators Manual

The Final M-Magic "A-Spec" Controller Operators Manual

The Current M-Magic "S" Controller Operators Manual 

The M-Magic Controller Operability Test Procedure

M-Magic One Turn Pot Calibration Procedure

Originated October 2006
Revised October 2018